About Us

OMICS Group Incorporation’s Digital library service promotes a live, interactive and Open Resource knowledge sharing platform that offers unlimited opportunities to upload or download innumerable science videos.

OMICS Group, a leading Open Access, Online Science publisher conducts more than 100 International science conferences across continents and geographical regions varying from Asia, Asia Pacific, The Middle East, Europe, America and Australia is all set to offer an Open Educational Knowledge Sharing platform.

OMICS Group Digital Library encourages aspirants across the globe to share. Post, like, comment, and critique the knowledge in video format and thereby secure a global presence to their innovative creations. Students, Academicians, professionals, clinical or medical practitioners, researchers, policy makers, NGOs, institutions, and activists can share knowledge through this live and interactive digital forum.

OMICS Group publishes 300 online, open accesses, journals and conducts more than 100 science conferences in disciplines like Clinical, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Management, Engineering & Technology and Life Sciences. OMICS Group journals enjoy 3.5 million readership and several thousand others participate in its International Science events across the globe. OMICS International conferences are venues for scientific interaction where the veteran scientists, researchers and the Noble lariats in the field of science, technology and management unleash their knowledge base. OMICS Science Conferences are known for their innovative practices like poster presentations, Young Researcher’s forum, Tradeshows, symposia, workshop, and exhibitions.

OMICS Group Digital library is all set to provide a live access of its international science events and articles published in various OMICS Group science journals.