Integrative Biology Relevant Conference 2014

Keywords: integrative biology, integrative biology relevant conference
Published on August 1, 2014
Integrative Biology-2014 is a remarkable event for scientists/experts from academia and industry nationwide to catalyze the networking between the branches of computational biology and bioinformatics and to facilitate the amalgamation of the complementary scientific efforts in the academia and industry to achieve common scientific goals. Integrative Biology Summit-2014 will schedule and coordinate all meetings with our Editorial Board members and other experts in the System Biology and Comparative Genomics field across the World. The main research areas in Integrative biology are Genomics and Molecular Medicine, Respiratory Disease Biology, Genome Informatics and Structural Biology, Energy and Environmental Biotechnology, Chemical & Systems Biology. In this mainly focus on Tuberculosis, Asthma and Allergy, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, Neuropsychiatric disorders like Schizophrenia, Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes and other complex disorders, Synthetic Biology, Structural genomics, Structural regulatory motifs in the genome, Microbial diversity and its exploration, Translational bioinformatics, Linkers for biochip development, Peptide scaffolds and peptidomimetics, Quadruplex –stabilizing ligands. New proteomic technologies for use in the biomedical research community.
Category: Life Sciences
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