Otolaryngology: Open Access

Keywords: otolaryngology, otolaryngology journal, John Maddalozzo, Robert H Ossoff, Gershon J Spector
Published on August 07, 2013
The study showed that Sphk1 expression was lower in HPV+ than HPV- HNSCC. Primary cell cultures showed robust Sphk1 expression in HPV- cells and diminished expression in HPV+ cells. Sphk1 expression was associated with recurrence, suggesting its utility as an early biomarker for detecting recurrence. Despite the small size of the cohort, we observed significant differences between HPV+ and HPV- groups. We identified a novel pathway through which HPV may confer a favorable prognosis in HNSCC. This pathway may have value for further testing in Sphk1-targeted therapies.
Category: Medical Sciences
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